Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love

Rick Rubin - Producer

Ryan Hewitt - Recording and Mixing

Bernie Grundman - Vinyl Mastering

Vlado Meller - CD and Digital Mastering Engineer

Jeremy Lubsey - CD and Digital Assistant Mastering Engineer

Bo Bodnar - Engineer

Phillip Broussard Jr. - Engineer

Jason Lader - Engineer

Ethan Mates - Engineer

Dylan Neustadter - Engineer

Jonathan Pfarr - Assistant Engineer

Chaz Sexton - Assistant Engineer

Chris Warren - Band Technician

Henry Trejo - Band Technician

Lawrence Malchose - Studio Technician

Charlie Bolois - Studio Technician

Gage Freeman - Production Coordinator

Eric Lynn - Production Coordinator

Sami Bañuelos - Band Assistant

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