SamanthaFaurieAATXCATX...🎶❤️ 🦋 SamanthaFaurieAATXCATX...🎶❤️ 🦋

Blown away by your awesome funk, energy, love, life, honesty, and drive. You guys you guys rock my freaking socks off I dig you from here to Chad I am back God bless the red hot chili Pepper how it will Anthony Play play your dick off 30 sockless and Mike drop me loves you guys long time and music is Matt Eric playing it smart aero plane rain dance Maggie yes I love it wet sand thank you gifts me hope gives me strength gives me love all of mine to you Samantha FaurieAATXCAALLTHEWAYAROUNDARIUNDRTHEWORLDLIFEISBEAUTIFULbreakingthwgirldoneSHEISBACKANDBETTERFIRALLWAYSANDNOWAYSEVERYTHINGGOESAWAYINCLUDINGMYFEARITISGONEINTHEDUSTROADKILLLIFEISGOODANDGOODNESSGIVESLIFEANDLIVINGISMYBUSINESSANDBUSINESSISGOOOD! Saw you guys in Houston around February treated my daughter Emma and her auntie Gin who had just turned 50 to show at Toyota Center. I loved it I have been inspired by you guys every minute since. Thank you for the music it truly has helped me through the ups and downs of a weird stranger