Sean Briscoe Sean Briscoe

My name is Sean and I am from England, UK/GB! Middle of the night and in agony, just been to the toilet looking at the the large lump formed on the quadriceps! I cannot work out if when they dropped me onto the anesthetized limb twisting it beyond its ROM, range of motion that has caused something to happen with the pelvis in conjunction with the thigh muscle quadricepses, or because of the impingement in the hip/groin triangle, (ie;needle/needles embedded, skewed into hip/pelvis), is causing the muscles in the thigh to over compensate and that's why the rather large lump has appeared! All I know is this, my leg feels subluxated/dislocated and there is potentially one of more needles strategically skewed through my groin into pelvis/waist, not sure whether it will be the surgical removal of the needle/needles, (yet to be confirmed because of ritual cover up and orchestrating of ritual clinical abuse), or whether I might need to a total hip replacement!