mary ann mobley (sivak/maiden name) mary ann mobley (sivak/maiden name)

One of my DREAMS . . . front row tickets to The Red Hot Chili Peppers/the coolest of dudes! Loved Sonny & Cher and Motown music (Diana Ross) as a young child. If I was grounded, let's say from going to a birthday party, I sulked and listened to my 45's. My taste in music today is current pop-not yesterday. But . . . it would be the coolest of dreams (Godsend!) to get front row tickets to you're upcoming concert in Chicago, or elsewhere. So, what is this all about? I was driving to your concert, unfortunately, Chicago was blasted with a blizzard, a car spun out in an opposite lane and we were hit head on. I had my pre-teen son & daughter (now 30 and 31 yrs. of age), two of their friends and a friend of mine; my first response was, "Is everyone O.K. enough to still go to the concert?" Didn't happen/car totaled and had injuries. Saved those tickets . . . hi Anthony! A cool fan . . . Mary Ann.