Flea Mail - Sept 13, 2016

first night of back to back gigs in helsinki, my dear fins you were beautiful, i bow deeply to you, a giant theatrical, graceful bow of music, to serve you, to please you, to uplift you, to earn my keep in your fair northern land. ahh the water is so cleeeeean here i feel it cleansing away the dust of my life, the grime…


Flea Mail - Sept 12, 2016

walking walking walking around stockholm, this whole scandanavian adventure has been a magical thing, dead and buried kings witnessed under slabs of ancient stone, peaceful cemeteries visited in southern stockholm, fresh air sucked deep into my lungs. I fear however for the youth of the world, one after the other walking…


Flea Mail - Sept. 10, 2016

Tonight was the gig in Stockholm, a lovely hard digging experience, where we did all we could to let go of petty earthly concerns and let the spirits move us. A technical difficulty here, a sound problem there, but nothing in the face of the yearning for transcendence. we rocked, and it was fun to play ‘search and…


flea mail - sept 9 2016

dear friends,

there was a time in years gone by that i would write these things called ‘flea mails’ where i would pontificate, spew, spiel, write a bunch of nonsense and on rare occasion say something of value. i have decided to resume this practice, and this it, i’m doing it.

i don’t like to use capital letters…


Being a Father Never Ends #FathersDay

Originally posted on BK Nation

I have had a powerful paternal instinct since I was a kid. I wanted to be a dad when I had no business being one. Luckily my teenage girlfriend was much more sensible than me in that regard. In fact, it could easily be sensibly argued that I was completely unprepared and too immature to be…