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Released: May 9, 2006

Stadium Arcadium

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Release date: May 9, 2006
Producer: Rick Rubin
Jupiter tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13 / Mars tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11 mixed by: Ryan Hewitt
Jupiter tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14 / Mars tracks 3, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14 mixed by: Andrew Scheps
Recorded by: Ryan Hewitt, Andrew Scheps, Mark Linette
Mastered by: Vlado Meller
Recorded at: The Mansion in Laurel Canyon, Akademie Mathematique of Philosophical Research, The Center For The Cultivation Of The Invisible and Little Kicker Sound
Artwork direction by: Red Hot Chili Peppers & Matt Taylor

All songs written by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante & Chad Smith
© 2006 Moebetoblame Music (BMI)

Additional Musicians:
French Horn on “Stadium Arcadium” – Brad Warnaar | Guitar Solo on “Especially In Michigan” – Omar Rodriguez | Cello on “She Looks To Me” – Richard Dodd | Clavinette on “Warlocks” – Billy Preston | Chorus Vocals on “Desecration Smile” – Emily Kokal | Chorus Vocals on “We Believe” – Natalie Baber, Mylissa Hoffman, Alexis Izenstark, Dylan Lerner, Kyle Lerner, Gabrielle Mosbe, Monique Mosbe, Sophia Mosbe, Isabella Shmelev, Landen Starkman, and Wyatt Starkman | Trombone on “Turn It Again” – Michael Bolger | Additional Percussion – Paulino De Costa and Lenny Castro

© 2006 Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Dani California

        Getting born in the state of Mississippi

        Papa was a copper

        And Mama was a hippie

        In Alabama she would swing a hammer

        Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama

        She never knew that there was

        Anything more than poor

        What in the world does your

        Company take me for

        Black bandana sweet Louisiana

        Robbin' a bank in the state of Indiana

        She’s a runner, rebel and a stunner

        On her merry way sayin’

        Baby watcha gonna

        Looking down the barrel of a

        Hot metal 45

        Just another way to survive

        California rest in peace

        Simultaneous release

        California show me your teeth

        She’s my priestess; I'm your priest

        She’s a lover baby and a fighter

        Shoulda seen it comin’ when

        It got a little brighter

        With a name like Dani California

        The day was gonna come

        When I was gonna mourn ya

        A little loaded she was

        Stealin’ another breath

        I love my baby to death

        Who knew the other side of you

        Who knew what others died to prove

        Too true to say goodbye to you

        Too true to say say say

        Push the fader, gifted animator

        One for the now and eleven for the later

        Never made it up to Minnesota

        North Dakota man was a gunnin'

        For the quota

        Down in the Badlands

        She was savin’ the best for last

        It only hurts when I laugh

        Gone too fast

Snow ((Hey Oh))

        Come to decide that the things that I tried

        Were in my life just to get high on

        When I sit alone come get a little more known

        But I need more than myself this time

        Step from the road to the sea to the sky

        And I do believe what we rely on

        When I lay it on

        Come get to play it on

        All my life to sacrifice

        Hey oh listen what I say oh

        I got your

        Hey oh listen what I say oh

        When will I know that I really can’t go

        To the well one more time to decide on

        When it’s killing me

        When will I really see

        All that I need to look inside

        Come to believe that I better not leave

        Before I get my chance to ride

        When it’s killing me

        What do I really need

        All that I need to look inside

        The more I see the less I know

        The more I like to let it go…hey oh

        Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

        Where it’s so white as snow

        Privately divided by a world so undecided

        And there’s nowhere to go

        In beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

        Where it’s so white as snow

        Running through a field where all my tracks will

        Be concealed and there is nowhere to go

        When to descend to amend for a friend

        All the channels that have broken down

        Now you bring it up

        I’m gonna ring it up

        Just to hear you sing it out

        Step from the road to the sea to the sky

        And I do believe what we rely on

        When I lay it on

        Come get to play it on

        All my life to sacrifice


        All aboard……stitch in time

        Get yours……got mine

        In a minute……I’ll be there

        Sit tight……get square

        You could do at the Hippodrome

        Slide back……trombone

        Anybody got a TV tome

        That’s right……unknown

        When I pick up on that smell

        Pick it up and run like hell

        Little woman save me some

        Better get up on your run

        So much more than

        Charlie’s wakin’ me

        To my core and

        Charlie's shakin' me

        And tell my story

        And Charlie’s makin’ me

        And Charlie’s makin’ me smile

        Oh oh now

        Everybody……Do the twist

        Get the message……on Flea’s fist

        Move around like a scientist

        Lay down……get kissed

        Big picture and it never lies

        Big daddy……will advise

        Eveready……in disguise


        My heart……your skin

        This love……I’m in

        We don’t arrive without a surprise

        Your’re right……I’m wrong

        Be free…………belong

        Intimate sight has come in to light

        All I ever wanted to

        Was pick it up and run with you

        Slip into a summer spell

        Double up and run like hell

Stadium Arcadium

        Bells around St. Petersburg

        When I saw you

        I hope I get what you deserve

        And this is where I find

        Smoke surrounds your perfect face

        And I’m falling

        Pushing a broom out into space

        And this is where I find a way

        The stadium arcadium

        A mirror to the moon

        I’m forming I’m warming

        State of the art

        Until the clouds come crashing

        Stranger things have happened

        Both before and after noon

        I’m forming I’m warming

        Pushing myself

        And no I don’t mind asking


        Alone inside my forest room

        And it’s storming

        I never thought I’d be in bloom

        But this is where I start

        Derelict days and the stereo plays

        For the all night crowd

        That it cannot phase

        And I’m calling

        Tedious weeds that the media breeds

        But the animal gets what the animal needs

        And I’m sorry

        And this is where I find

        Rays of dust that wrap around

        Your citizen

        Kind enough to disavow

        And this is where I stand

Hump de Bump

        40 detectives a week

        40 detectives strong

        Takin’ a stroll down Love Street

        Strollin’ is that so wrong

        Can I get my co-defendant

        Hump de bump doop bodu

        Bump de hump doop bop

        Hump de bump doop bodu

        Bump de hump doop bodu

        Hump de bomp doop bop

        Bump de hump doop bodu

        Bump bump

        Must have been a hundred miles

        Any of a hundred styles

        It’s not about the smile you wear

        But the way we make out

        When I was an all aloner

        Nothin’ but a two-beach comber

        Anybody seen the sky?

        I’m wide awake now

        Workin’ the beat as we speak

        Working the belle du monde

        Believe in the havoc we wreak

        Believin’, is that so wrong

        Can I get my co-dependent

        Listen to me what I said

        Try to get it through your head

        A little bit of circumstance

        A chance to make out

        Livin’ in a citadel

        It’s hard enough to be yourself

        Waiting for the bell to toll

        And I am wide awake now

She�s Only 18

        She's only 18

        Don’t like the Rolling Stones

        She took a short cut

        To being fully grown

        She's got that mood ring

        A little sister rose

        The smell of Springsteen

        A pair of pantyhose

        This talking picture show

        Is leaking from a silhouette

        She said my man you know

        It’s time to get your fingers wet

        Your hustle’s busted when

        You can’t afford a cigarette

        The last I heard from you

        You were screaming

        “Handle it”

        Knock the world right off its feet

        And straight onto its head

        The book of love will

        Long be laughing after you are dead

        Fascinated by the look of you

        And what was said

        Make a play for all the

        Brightest minds and light will shed

        I heard some P-Funk

        Out on the road again

        To get your head shrunk

        Is what I recommend

        It’s in your bloodline

        A perfect Frankenstein

        Out on that lone pine

        I’m gonna make you mine

        It’s understood you wrap

        Your voodoo right around my neck

        You’ve got some glitter on your

        Kitty at the discotheque

        I put my lovin’ in your oven

        Not a head to check

        The last I heard from you

        You were screaming


Slow Cheetah

        Waking up dead inside of my head

        Will never never do there is no med

        No medicine to take

        I’ve had a chance to be insane

        Asylum from the falling rain

        I’ve had a chance to break

        It’s so bad it’s got to be good

        Mysterious girl misunderstood

        Dressed like a wedding cake

        Any other day and I might play

        A funeral march for Bonnie Brae

        Why try and run away

        Slow cheetah come

        Before my forest

        Looks like it’s on today

        Slow cheetah come

        It’s so euphoric

        No matter what they say

        I know a girl

        She worked in a store

        She knew not what

        Her life was for

        She barely knew her name

        They tried to tell her

        She would never be

        As happy as the girl

        In the magazine

        She bought it with her pay

        Everyone has

        So much to say

        They talk talk talk

        Their lives away

        Don’t even hesitate

        Walking on down

        To the burial ground

        It’s a very old dance

        With a merry old sound

        Looks like it’s on today

Torture Me

        Because I’m happy to be sad

        I want it all I want it bad

        Oh-oh – it’s what I know

        A vintage year for pop I hear

        The middle of the end is near

        Torture me and torture me

        It's forcin' me so torture me

        Torture me with sorcery

        It's forcin’ me so torture me

        All the leaves are turning brown

        The wind is pushing me around

        Let's go – it's what I know

        The will of God is standing still

        Brazilian children get their fill

        Let’s go...

        Let’s turn it up and dumb it down

        The vision of your ultra sound

        Is so...

        A vintage year for pop I hear

        The middle of the end is near

        It’s so...

Strip My Mind

        Arthur J did indicate

        The boulevard would never be

        So full of love and life again

        Hot as Hades early eighties

        Sing another song and make me

        Feel like I’m in love again

        Please don't strip my mind

        Leave something behind

        Please don't strip my mind

        All in favor sign the waiver

        Bloody Carolina won't you

        Take another look inside

        Operator, co-creator

        Come on radiator won't you

        Blow another top and sing

        El Dorado won the lotto

        All that cash and not a clue

        But now you know what I've been through

Especially In Michigan

        Life is my friend

        Rake it up to take it in

        Wrap me in your cinnamon

        Especially in Michigan

        ……well I could be your friend

        White clouds I'm in

        A mitten full of fisherman

        C'mon Huckleberry Finn

        Show me how to make her grin

        ........well I’m in Michigan

        Cry me a future

        Where the revelations run amok

        Ladies and gentlemen

        Lions and tigers come running

        Just to steal your luck

        A rainy Lithuanian

        Who's dancing as an Indian

        Painted in my tiger skin

        (Especially in Michigan)

        Double chins and bowling pins

        Unholy Presbyterians

        Land is full of medicine

        I find it when I’m slipping in

        .......into Michigan

        The tainted new librarian

        Who fainted when she tucked you in

        Let's float away like zeppelins

        (On stoic gusts of Northern wind)

        Out on the farm we'll be

        Swimming with the mother duck

        Deep in the mitten where

        Lions and tigers come running

        Just to steal your luck

        Life is my friend

        Underwater violins

        Order now from Ho Chi Min

        A porcelain that comes in twins

        …………When I'm in Michigan

        Throw me in the looney bin

        ‘Cause I can take it on the chin

        The cleavage of your pillow skin

        (Is moving like a violin)


        Warlocks in wonderland

        I’ve gotta megatropolis in my hand

        And a…subterranean marching band

        Makin’ noise for the boys in the Vatican

        And a

        A little package and off we go

        Oh…..ticky ticky tackita tic tac toe

        I know….everybody’s Eskimo

        We’ve got another thing coming

        And that’s our show….well

        Every night I go looking for you

        Everyone in the world adores you

        A little pocket of something kind

        To find your reason

        Coming up on it everyday for

        Look at me and it’s what I stay for

        A little locket of fantasy

        That we believe in

        Lilacs and contraband

        I’ve got Santa Monica in my hand

        A little…..Beatlemania when I can

        And I’ve got two big bags of old Japan

        Ring side and blow-by-blow

        Another…main event at the old rainbow

        Were comin’…Right on top of the tupelo

        When she looks just like Brigitte Bardot

        Make a deal with Uncle Weezer

        Sign your name to claim

        China Chow will try to please her

        Sweetness came from Jane

        Warlocks in wonderland

        I’ve gotta….Rockapotomus in my hand

        With a….Happy ending that’s made of sand

        With a little bit of lovin’ is all I can

C�mon Girl

        Everything inside of me

        Is burning up for you to see

        And if we should get into it

        A two way kind of syndicate, ho

        Compare us to a Ferris wheel

        Just be sure of what you want to steal

        Some people do it by the book

        But I prefer to go by feel, tell me

        I wanted to get outta here

        But every time I reappear

        And know I have the words my dear

        To whisper right into your ear, hey, yeah

        C’mon girl

        Let’s get it right

        Let’s get it right

        Let’s get it right

        The spirit of a dragon’s tear

        Is lovely at this time of year

        The cave within your mountainside

        Is deeper than it will be wide hold me

        My disenchanted diplomat

        Asleep inside the laundromat

        Conveyer belts are moving and

        I want you to be sure of that, tell me

        And if you let it germinate

        I know it will be worth the wait

        Disputed by the news that it was you

        Who tried to instigate, hey

        Blessed are the hypocrites

        Outwitted but she never quits

        The trouble with a band of slits

        Is washing off the muddy bits, hey…….yeah

        Oh yeah, she’s with me and I’m your man

        If I can’t find you no one can

Wet Sand

        My shadow side so amplified

        Keeps coming back dissatisfied

        Elementary son but it’s so…..

        My love affair with everywhere

        Was innocent why do you care

        Someone start the car

        Time to go…you’re the best I know

        My sunny side has up and died

        I’m betting that when we collide

        The universe will shift into a low

        The travesties that we have seen

        Are treating me like Benzedrine

        Automatic laughter from a pro

        My what a good day

        For a walk outside

        I’d like to get to know

        You a little better baby

        God knows that I really tried

        My what a good day

        For a take out bride

        I’d like to say we

        Did it for the better of

        I saw you there so unaware

        Those hummingbirds all in your hair

        Elementary son but its so

        The disrepair of Norma Jean

        Could not compare to your routine

        Balarama beauty

        Going toe to toe

        My what a good day

        Just to let it slide

        I’d like to say we did it for the better of

        I thought about it

        And I brought it out

        I’m motivated by the lack of doubt

        I’m consecrated but I’m not devout

        The mother the father the daughter

        Right on the verge just one more dose

        I’m traveling from coast to coast

        My theory isn’t perfect but its close

        I’m almost there why should I care

        My heart is hurting when I share

        Someone open up and

        Let it show

        My what a good day

        For a walk outside

        I’d like to think we did it for the better of

        You don’t form in the wet sand

        You don’t form at all

        You don’t form in the wet sand

        I do  Yeah

        You don’t form in the wet sand

        You don’t form at all

        You don’t form in the wet sand

        I do


        Won't somebody come along

        And teach me how to keep it alive

        To survive

        Come along and show me something

        That I never knew in your eyes

        Take away the tourniquet

        I used to be so full of my confidence

        I used to know just what I wanted and just where to go

        More than ever I could use a coincidence

        But now I walk alone and talk about it, when I know

        Hey awe yeah  how long

        I guess I oughta walk away

        Hey awe yeah  so long

        Whatcha gonna do today

        I don’t want to have to but I will

        If that’s what I am supposed to do

        We don’t wanna set up for the kill

        But that’s what I am about to do

        Later on I’ll cut you off

        When you’re screaming into the phone

        Hard to own

        Anyway I want to let you know

        That everything is on hold

        What you gonna do to me

        You used to be so warm and affectionate

        All the little things I used to hear my fairy say

        But now you’re quick to get into your regret

        Take a fall and now you got to give it all away

        Hey, what would you say if I stay

        Stay for a while if I may

        Say it again and I’ll come around

        But not for the last time

        Hey, what would you say if I change

        Change everything but my name

        Play it again and I’ll come around, come around

        But not for the last time, not for the last time

        You used to be so warm and affectionate

        I used to know just what I wanted and just where to go

        And now you're quick to get into your regret

        But now I walk alone and talk about it, when I know

Desecration Smile

        All alone not by myself

        Another girl bad for my health

        I’ve seen it all thru someone else

        (Another girl bad for my health)

        Celebrated but undisturbed

        Serenaded by the terror bird

        It’s seldom seen but it’s never heard

        (Serenaded by the terror bird)

        Never in the wrong time or wrong place

        Desecration is the smile on my face

        The love I made is the shape of my space

        My face my face

        Disintegrated by the rising sun

        A rolling black out of oblivion

        And I’d like to think that I’m your #1

        (I’m rolling black out of oblivion)

        I wanna leave but I just get stuck

        A broken record runnin’ low on luck

        There’s heavy metal coming from your truck

        I’m a (a broken record runnin’ low on luck)

        We could all go down to

        Malibu and make some noise

        Coca Cola doesn’t do the justice

        She enjoys

        We could all come up with

        Something new to be destroyed

        We could all go down

        I love the feeling when it falls apart

        I’m slow to finish but I’m quick to start and

        Beneath the heather lies the meadowlark

        And I’m

        (Slow to finish but I am quick to start)

Tell Me Baby

        They come from every state to find

        Some dreams were meant to be declined

        Tell the man what did you have in mind

        What have you come to do

        No turning water into wine

        No learning while you’re in the line

        I’ll take you to the broken sign

        You see the lights are blue

        Come and get it

        Lost it at the city limit

        Say goodbye

        ‘Cause they will find a way to trim it


        Lookin’ for a silly gimmick

        Gotta get away

        Can’t take it for another minute

        This town is made of many things

        Just look at what the current brings

        So high it’s only promising

        This place was made on you

        Tell me baby what’s your story

        Where you come from

        And where you wanna go this time

        Tell me lover are you lonely

        The thing we need is

        Never all that hard to find

        Tell me baby what’s your story

        Where do you come from

        And where you wanna go this time

        You’re so lovely are you lonely

        Giving up on the innocence you left behind

        Some claim to have the fortitude

        Too shrewd to blow the interlude

        Sustaining pain to set a mood

        Step out to be renewed

        I’ll move you like a baritone

        Jungle brothers on the microphone

        Getting over with an undertone

        It’s time to turn to stone

        Chitty chitty baby

        When your nose is in the nitty gritty

        Life could be a little sweet

        But life could be a little shitty

        What a pity

        Boston and a Kansas City

        Looking for a hundred

        But you only ever found a fitty

        Three fingers in the honeycomb

        You ring just like a xylophone

        Devoted to the chromosome

        The day that you left home

Hard To Concentrate

        Hustle, bustle and so much muscle awww

        Cells about to separate

        And I find it hard to concentrate and

        Temporary this cash and carry

        I’m stepping up to indicate

        The time has come to deviate and

        All I want is for you to be happy and

        Take this moment to make you my family and

        Finally you have found something perfect and

        Finally you have found

        Death defying this mess I’m buying

        It’s raining down with love and hate

        And I find it hard to motivate and

        Estuary is blessed but scary your

        Heart’s about to palpitate

        And I’m not about to hesitate and

        One to treasure the rest of your days here and

        Give you pleasure in so many ways dear and

        Finally you have found something perfect and

        Finally you have found…… we go

        Do you want me to show up for duty and

        Serve this woman and honor her beauty and

        Finally you have found something perfect and

        Finally you have found……yourself

        With me……will you…agree…to take

        This man…into your world…

        And now…we are as one…

        My lone ranger the heat exchanger

        Is living in this figure eight

        And I’ll do my best to recreate and

        Sweet precision and soft collision awww

        Hearts about to palpitate

        And I find it hard to separate and

        All I want is for you to be happy and

        Take this woman and make you my family and

        Finally you have found someone perfect and

        Finally you have found……yourself

21st Century

        All the creatures on the beaches

        Making waves in the motion picture

        Won't you keep this in between us

        Search and seizure wake up Venus

        The dollar bill will mentally ill bill

        Mom and dad take your don't be sad pill

        Turn the screw and twist my language

        Don't forsake me I'm contagious

        There's a reason

        For the 21st century

        Not too sure

        But I know that it's

        Meant to be

        And that it's meant to be

        It's my favorite combination

        Coming down with the favored nations

        Deep rotation mutilation

        Learn to give and take dictation

        Oh, oh oh, oh oh, like Cain and Abel

        Oh, oh oh, oh oh, gonna to run this table

        Read me your scripture now

        Read me your scripture

        Read me your scripture and I will twist it

        Show me your wrist and I

        Show me your wrist and

        Show me your wrist and I'll kiss it kiss it

        Oh, oh oh, oh oh, like Cain and Abel

        Oh, oh oh, oh oh, gonna to run this table

        Simple soldier hand it over

        Stop and read what you just wrote her

        Strangulation altercation

        Oral sex and bird migration

She Looks To Me

        Looks to me like heaven sent

        No lullaby kid no 5%

        Any way you want to cut that cake

        She's dyin' from the likes of abandonment

        Lost in the valley without my horses

        She needs somebody to hold

        It looks to me like heaven

        Sent this for your roughest night

        She looks to me

        She looks to me all right

        Who's going to take you home

        And hold you when things aren't so bright

        She looks to me

        She looks to me all right

        It's a long walk down those tracks

        It's a dirty walk in

        It's a dirty walk back

        Gonna learn aww way too much

        Shootin' dope in the back

        Of a Cadillac Jack

        Slow down the road to my back 40

        She needs somebody to hold

        Down in the South seas

        Give me your mouth please


        Is the way I find these

        I give you major

        You give me minor

        Don't fade away

        Like an ocean liner


        Lost in the valley

        Without my horses

        No one can tell me

        What my remorse is

        God made this lady

        That stands before me

        She needs somebody to hold

        She shows the world up with a smile

        And then she throws the fight

        She looks to me she looks to me all right

        Down on the bathroom floor

        She's searching for another light

        She looks to me she looks to me all right


        Readymade readymade

        Steady as the rhythm rolls

        Readymade readymade

        And this is how the story goes

        I gotta cousin making beats

        Deep down in Arizona

        We're gonna rock it to Ramone’s

        In the city of Pomona

        And if I give to you my second sight

        You got it

        And if I stay the course I'll stay the night

        Come get it

        Readymade readymade

        Baby oughta celebrate

        Readymade readymade

        And now it's time to deviate

        I've gotta sister making babies

        With a Black and Decker blow torch

        We're gonna fop it all night

        In the middle of the back porch

        Readymade readymade

        Rockin' for the sake of slade

        Readymade readymade

        Listen but don't be afraid

        I've gotta brother making trouble

        In the state of Caledonia

        I wish I knew another way

        But I’m gonna have to clone ya


        And if I had a clue I'd know exactly

        What to do

        If I were the wiser of the two

        And if I saw it all so clear

        I'd write it down and bend your ear

        If I were the clearer of the two

        We could take a walk into the

        Canyons of 5th Avenue

        Sing and dance…

        Just to name a few

        All I do

        And if I heard the angels sing I'd

        Sing it back to you and bring the

        Sound of heaven ringing just for you

        And if I saw the sun fall down

        I'd pick it up and make a crown

        One that was a perfect fit for you

        We could take a walk

        Into the apple orchard by the school

        We could make a little residue

        We could find a place to stay

        A secret little hide away

        Spend a little time inside of you

        All I do

        All eyes

        All eyes on you

        All I do

Make You Feel Better

        She's the one she's the only one

        She's got ripped back light

        Gonna make me come

        I say…when I smile

        I'm a really smile

        I got dreams so wide like a country mile

        I said now, I'll take it

        It's better for you

        Somehow we'll make it

        ‘Cause that's what we do

        Pick a star in the open sky

        I see you see me

        And that is why I

        Hop along to the cowboy beat

        When I feel your fire

        Jump up to meet

        Something out there

        Where love is your only friend and

        We are the ones

        That will make you feel better and

        Someone to spare

        When love is the only end and

        We are the ones

        That will make you feel better

        Oh yeah

        In a world that has run amok

        I've got to set my sights

        Just to get struck

        I walk away from the rank and file

        With a punched out mouth

        And a pack of style

        I say…she's the one she's the only one

        Make me search myself

        Until I'm done…and

        Tell me now in a telegram

        Do the sea of stars

        Make a diagram…and

        So alive I arrive on dust

        You can search my mind

        For the red on rust…I said

        Take me there and she really cares

        Lights up for me gonna hear my prayers

        I said

Animal Bar

        Never 21 when everyone's a sailor

        Coming up strong at the animal bar

        Ever loving mug of Mr. Norman Mailer

        Turn another page at the Animal Bar

        And it won't be long

        No it won't be long

        Because it can't be long

        I    I    I  the cry of isolation

        I    I    I  the high of meditation

        I    I    I  for sweet precipitation

        I    I    I  the high of deprivation

        And it won't be long

        No it won't be long

        No it won't be long

        Because it can't be long

        Rain on my frustration

        Stake my claim now break this

        Wash me down my station

        Makes more rain foresaken

        In between the sky and every piece of the earth

        Runnin' through the mud

        I got a feeling of worth

        All aboard the ship

        'Cause you're gonna need an ark

        When the wet comes down

        You'll be swimming like a shark

        Mopping up the pain and

        I'm a little older

        The song of rain

        At the Animal Bar

        Raindrops will fall from the sky

        Stealing their shape from your eye

        Now we can all get some sleep

        The water the water the water

        Saving us from the heat

        Some things will die in their place

        Others will leave little trace

        Fire will come find its day

        The water the water the water

        Washing it all away

So Much I

        Next stop on the KLM

        Two lips and a sturdy stem

        A funny thing always happens when

        I get a heavy jam

        I'm gonna turn it into hydrogen

        I   I,   I   I,    I   I,     I   I   I    I,       I

        Cowgirl and a troubadour

        MGM and the lion's roar

        A straight shot to the corner store

        I wanna show you what

        I wanna show you what your head is for

        I   I,   I   I,    I   I,     I   I   I    I,       I

        So much I    wish I could

        So many I    wish I would

        So much I    wish I could

        Count on you not to complete me

        So much I    wish I could

        So many I    wish I would

        So much I    wish I could

        Count on you not to defeat me

        Please don't turn away again

        Please don't turn me into them

        Please don't turn away a friend

        Please don't turn me into them

        Stand by for the great eclipse

        Rip it out now shake your hips

        Backing off the apocalypse

        I gotta loosen up

        I gotta loosen up to get my grip

        I   I,   I   I,    I   I,     I   I   I    I,       I

Storm In A Teacup

        Come on come on baby

        Let me show you what I'm talkin' about

        You try to be a lady

        But you're walkin' like a sour kraut

        Looka looka lika lika

        Like you want to get some

        If you never tell a lie

        Then you'll never have to play dumb

        Dirty baby time you're gonna take some

        Pretty baby love you're gonna make some

        Little lady hearts you're gonna break some

        Kinda shady tears you're gonna fake some

        Dirty baby we’ve got a situation

        Pretty baby open invitation

        Little lady what a reputation

        Kinda shady now you're gonna make again

        I know you can straddle

        The atmosphere

        A tiny storm in your teacup girl

        I know you can battle the

        Masses, dear

        A tiny storm in your teacup girl

        Every other day you say

        You're gonna have to bury 'em

        Famous last words

        Spoken from the laserium

        Descendants had a record

        Sayin' somethin' 'bout Milo

        You can take the A train

        But you're gonna have to lie low

We Believe

        The curtain

        Is open

        A head to

        Put dope in

        Now we will

        Come clean it

        The future

        We've seen it

        No, no, I know, I said, no no

        It's like a dream

        That falls away

        Into the night

        Where we can play

        I'm on a train

        One happy day

        Two eyes for sight

        Three times I pray

        Soda pop

        We've got to set up shop

        And when the weather comes

        We've got a pressure drop

        We don't know

        But everyday I go

        To see what I can bring

        Into a cameo

        Oh oh oh no

        We believe

        Climb a tree

        For monkey business

        Write a check out to forgiveness

        All the world on half an acre

        Pushing dirt into a Quaker

        The mission

        The method

        The downfall


        'Cuz it's not

        The first time

        Nor is it

        The worst time

        No no oh no

        To see the bird

        Without a care

        For in a word

        It's nice out there

        In a tree

        My mama bear

        Will be all right

        With proper care

        Hey hey hey do


        Into a bigger bang

        A little cry of love

        Because they cannot sing


        What did the pharaoh see

        Another time and space

        Another place to be

        The motive

        The measure

        The purpose

        The pleasure

        The risk is

        It worth it

        The disc is

        It perfect

        I found you

        Amongst them

        The flower

        With young stem


        The broken

        The marriage


Turn It Again

        Some of us get a little

        And some a lot

        We've got to make due

        With whatever we got

        We get it hot we cool it down

        And then we pass it around

        You can dance

        For the sake of a golden day

        Take a chance on getting rid

        Of whatever's in your way

        Next stop big hop

        Is turning night into day

        Sometimes when

        I'm lying there all alone

        I think of every little nothing

        That we could own

        To overthrow all of you

        Who have overgrown

        All my friends

        Like to spend

        Days on end

        On the mend

        I turn to you, I turn into

        And then I turn it again

        Here we go

        All we know

        Heavy load

        Start to float

        Without a doubt, we turn it out

        And then we turn it again

        Let’s dance all night and day now

        Get down and show the way how

        I want to show you that I care

        Two things I want to say now

        You make it all ok now

        I need to know that you are there

        I've come to learn

        Whatever time I can find to spend

        Taking flight into

        Whatever light we bend

        Out on the street

        I get a beat and then

        I turn it to ten

        Lace boots and the

        Ladies of Kazakhstan

        Kick 'em high to the sky

        All of this just because we can

        I turn to Cuba

        Then Aruba then the Dominican

        We've got to move it

        If we want to do our best

        We've got to shake it

        If we want to keep it fresh

        I'm turning down

        All the heavy psychology

        To cut a rug

        And I make no apology

        I turn a cheek, I turn a key

        And then I turn it for free

        We've got to move it

        Just a little to hit the spot

        A whirling dervish in a flurry

        A fox to trot

        Come clown around, a robot

        Doin' the astronaut

Death Of A Martian

        Bear paws and rascal power

        Watching us in your garage

        Big girl you ate the neighbor

        The nova is over

        Wake up and play


        Make room for Clara's bare feet

        The love of a Martian

        Tick tock and waiting for the meteor

        This clock is opening another door

        Lots of love just keep it comin'

        Makin' something out of nothin'

        These are the best that I

        I don't know how to say

        Losin' what I love today

        These are the best that I

        Lots of love just keep it comin'

        Makin' something out of nothin'

        These are the best that I

        I don't know what to say

        Look at what I've lost today

        And these are the things that I

        Blood flowers in the kitchen

        Signing off and winding down

        This Martian ends her mission

        The nova is over

        She caught the ball

        By the mission bell

        Chase lizards, bark at donkeys

        The love of a Martian

        Let's bow our heads

        And let the trumpets blow

        Our girl is gone

        God bless her little soul

        She’s got a sword in case though this is not her lord in case the one who can’t afford to face her image is restored to grace. Disappeared. No trace. Musky tears. Suitcase. The down turn brave little burncub bearcareless turnip snare rampages pitch color pages…. down and out but not in Vegas. Disembarks and disengages. No loft. Sweet pink canary cages plummet pop dewskin fortitude for the sniffing black noses that snort and allude to the dangling trinkets that mimic the dirt cough go drink its. It's for you. Blue battered naval town slip kisses delivered by duck muscles and bottlenosed grifters arrive in time to catch the late show. It's a beehive barrel race. A shehive stare and chase wasted feature who tried and failed to reach her. Embossed beneath a box in the closet that's lost. The kind that you find when you mind your own mysteries. Shiv sister to the quickness before it blisters into the newmorning milk blanket. Your ilk is funny to the turnstyle touch bunny whose bouquet set a course for bloom without decay. Get your broom and sweep echoes of yesternights fallen freckles…. away…